We’re over a month away from Christmas trees lots opening around the state.

Tree growers and distributors are hard at work making sure there’s enough supply to meet this year’s demand.

KHON2 has been told that because of unusual weather conditions in the Pacific Northwest, there may be a shortage of the most popular tree.

The trees at Helemano Farms in Wahiawa are nearly ready for the holiday season with over 2,000 trees set to go on sale

Thanksgiving weekend. With five different varieties there should be plenty to choose from.

Owner Aaron O’Brien says its always better to come early to get the tree you want, “It all depends on what they want we have like five different types of trees and there should be a lot of trees for the first two weekends at least.”

But for trees that are being shipped in, Richard Tajiri of Christmas Trees Hawaii says the highly popular Noble fir could be in short supply. “The Nobles are really in big demand but not enough trees here on the West Coast.”

Tajiri says a combination of fungus and unusual weather has contributed to the shortage of Noble Fir christmas trees. He still plans on meeting his quota, but other suppliers might be bringing in much smaller numbers of Noble Firs. “We are bringing in the same amount of Nobles as we always do in fact I’m bringing a little bit more especially in the 5-foot and 6-foot range and 7-foot range I don’t have a ton of 8-foot or 10-foot because not many people buy that size that I do have ample supply of it.”

If you do want to make sure a Noble Fir is in your living room, Tajiri says to come out on Thanksgiving to secure your tree before the supply runs out.