Watch out for fake package tracking emails


Officials have a warning about fraudulent emails saying you received a package and to track your package, click here.

If you ordered something recently, you may be tempted to click, but the link is actually a tool for scammers to trap you.

“What they want you to do is that they want you to click on that link and from there now they’ve redirected you to some other website that looks like the one they’re claiming but from here they can figure out when you’re going to be home, when you’re not going to be home, where you live, and all of that other pertinent information,” said Rosanne Freitas of the Better Business Bureau.

Information is a commodity, but your money is what the scammer is after. They’re also sending out fake emails about holding your packages until you pay a fee. Of course, they don’t actually have your packages, and in many cases, you didn’t even order anything.

“If you ordered from a legitamate company whether it’s from ups, postal service, whichever company they’re not going to have you pay using that information that you’ve paid upfront for the package,” said Freitas.

Freitas says a good tool to remember is to check that the email is coming from a legitimate shipping company first. If you think you’re a victim of a shipping company scam, don’t give the scammer any more information.

“Contact your credit card company immediately and get the card frozen canceled and stop the charges going on that card.”

If you have a concern or are interested in becoming an action line volunteer, give us a call Monday through Friday at 591-0222.

You can also send an email to

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