Stay out of the water.

That’s the warning from emergency officials for anyone visiting Spitting Caves in East Oahu.

The city’s Ocean Safety and Lifeguard Services Division and Honolulu Fire Department are telling people not to jump off the cliff, especially after two people had to be rescued last weekend.

At around 1 p.m., a 14-year-old girl was injured when she failed to clear the jump and hit the side of the cliff instead. A bystander helped her out of the water. She suffered a gash to her head and abrasions. A few hours later, Ocean Safety rescued a 20-year-old man and brought him to Maunalua Bay.

“Basically, if you nearly drown, I would consider yourself pretty lucky. You get catastrophic injuries from hitting the water, hitting the rocks on the way down, and often times people drown, and that’s our main goal. We’re trying to prevent that as well as we can,” said Capt. James Sloane, Ocean Safety and Lifeguard Services.

Sloane says crews have responded to about a dozen calls from the area since Memorial Day.

“Everything about Spitting Caves is dangerous and we’re really trying to discourage people from jumping in that area. It’s a great place to go look, take a picture, that’s fine. We just want to keep people out of the water,” he said.

Officials believe social media is to blame for the increase in visitors to the area.