Walk Wise Hawaii: Halloween Safety Tips


The safety of our keiki is always a top priority, and that is especially true on Halloween; a night where kids will be out and about trick or treating through towns. To make sure we are completely prepared, Ed Sniffen, deputy director of the Hawaii Department of Transportation, and Lance Rae, from Walk Wise Hawai’i, joined us with important safety tips.How to improve safety of costumes:

· Make sure your kid’s costume fits well and that they won’t be tripping over it.

· Make sure the always take off their masks when walking from house to house and especially when crossing the street.

· Make sure they carry a flash light and clip on safety lights or attached reflective stickers to their costumes.

· If attaching something reflective to their costume doesn’t work, get them a plastic pumpkin and fill it with gloss sticks or blinking lights and this will always vehicles to see them walking.

Lance suggests to always map out where you will be going and try to reduce the number of times your keiki have to cross the street.

For more great tips, visit www.facebook.com/walkwisehawaii.

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