Two California men who pleaded guilty to an identity theft case that happened in the heart of Waikiki are going to prison for 20 years each.

Armen Apoyan and Argishti Khachaturyan installed a credit card skimming device on an ATM machine in Waikiki in 2013.

According to prosecutors, a device was left on the ATM for three days and captured credit card information from users, but CPB says its security records indicate the skimmer on the ATM was in place for 27 minutes (from 5:50-6:17 p.m. on February 23, 2013).

Apoyan and Khachaturyan then made counterfeit credit cards and withdrew money from compromised accounts at an ATM at The Modern Honolulu at 1775 Ala Moana Boulevard as well as several other ATMs in Honolulu and California.

With the stolen information they collected over a few days, they were able to make bogus debit cards and steal more than $20,000.

Apoyan and Khachaturyan were indicted by an Oahu grand jury in August 2013. Khachaturyan was arrested in Los Angeles and extradited to Hawaii in September 2013. Apoyan was arrested in Seattle and extradited to Hawaii in March 2014.

Both men were sentenced Tuesday.