Visitors to Oahu brace for Hurricane Lane, tourism impacted


Gusts of wind blew through Daniel K. Inouye International Airport Wednesday as travelers braced for the unknown. Some flights out of Honolulu were delayed.

Minerva Villanueva says she has vacationed with her family in Hawaii multiple times, but this trip is different. She says her son, Deuce, was the first in the family to learn of Hurricane Lane.

“So ever since he told us, we’ve been tracking it online to make sure that it would be safe,” said Villanueva.

Misa Yamamoto is here from Japan and had no idea of the hurricane warning.

“Oh my God. I didn’t know that,” said Yamamoto.

She says she witnessed the deadly floods in Okayama, but doesn’t know what to expect in Hawaii.

“I don’t understand what’s coming,” said Yamamoto.

Kaitlyn Semsak and Cindy Nguyen say they chose the Aloha State over Cancun. They’re aware of Hurricane Lane’s potential.

“I think we’ll be okay considering we had a friend come in and tell us that it wouldn’t be as bad and we’re only going to be here about a week,” said Semsak.

Maritza Artola is from Texas. She experienced Hurricane Harvey and hopes her first trip to the Hawaiian Islands is a safe one.

“I wouldn’t say I’m prepared or confident about it but we’re here now so we’re just gonna have to deal with it,” said Artola.

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