Victim recalls being threatened by same man who harassed two teenage girls


He ran toward her and threatened to stab her with a needle after saying he was HIV positive. And then came back the next day to threaten her again.

That’s the same man who’s now accused of harassing two teenaged girls near Kaiser High School. Tonight the victim of that previous incident is speaking out.

The woman does not want to be identified. She’s afraid that the man who threatened her, Roy Richmond, will be out soon enough, to go after her once again.  

Twenty-nine-year-old Roy Grant Richmond has been charged with two counts of harassment.  He’s accused of stalking two girls from Kaiser High School on Tuesday. 

In February, he also went to a store in downtown Honolulu. And according to court records, he told workers he has HIV, and then threatened to stab workers and customers with his hypodermic needle. A worker got on the phone to call police.

“He grabbed it out and ran at me like this full speed ready to just stab me and he looked at me straight in the eyes focused on me and he was going to stab me,” said the worker.

She says three men intervened so Richmond ran away. But then he came back the next day, so she called police right away.

“He said why are you on the phone again with the police? At that time I was really upset, so I said why are you going to threaten to stab me again? And he looked at me and it’s like, yeah, what if I did?” she said.

Police arrested Richmond and was found guilty on May 11 of Terroristic Threatening. He received a 30-day sentence and was released on probation on May 22.  When the woman heard that Richmond was arrested this week for harassment…

“I was shocked and I was appalled and I could not believe that he was let back out and there was no way to follow up on him being that he has a serious background,” she said.

She says she’s afraid of what he might do next.

“Because he knows where I work. Is he going to go there again? And that’s scary. I have no way to control that,” she said.

Richmond remains in custody at OCCC, unable to post bail of $1,500. 

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