For the second time in a week, canoes have been vandalized at Maunalua Bay.

We first told you on Monday the rigging on 16 canoes belonging to the Hui Nalu Canoe Club had been slashed.

On Wednesday morning, members found rigging cut again, and some of the same canoe rigs were hit twice.

This isn’t the only club having this problem. We learned both Hui Nalu and Kaneohe canoe clubs have had its canoe rigs slashed this month.

Club members say this is a brazen act and hurts the children who use the canoes the most.

“This is actually pretty bad. Whoever did it, I’m not sure they understand the repercussions that they have on the community,” said Hui Nalu equipment manager Toma Turner.

For a second time, Hui Nalu members are re-rigging their canoes so that the keiki can continue to practice. Rigging is a time-consuming process, and the rope used isn’t cheap.

“Some of the ones that we just did, we just bought brand-new rope to do so. Definitely, it’s a let down for sure,” said Turner.

Hui Nalu members don’t know why they’ve been targeted. It’s a question the Kaneohe Canoe Club is also asking.

“In the beginning, we thought it was a sad, random occurrence, but I think if you would ask any club member at this point, I think their emotions are turning toward more angry and hurt,” said coach Samantha Moikeha.

Moikeha said their rigs were cut on May 10.

“Our youth paddlers, our keiki showed up to practice. They found that all the rigging on all but one of the canoes and the double-hull — it was all slashed,” Moikeha said.

Kaneohe Canoe Club members are waiting to re-rig their canoes, because the rope that they use isn’t cheap, and they’re waiting for more information on the investigation because they don’t want their ropes cut again.

“We were thinking of re-rigging, then this new incident with Hui Nalu, so we decided to hold off a little bit longer,” said Moikeha.

The vandalism hasn’t stopped practice, but members are more watchful.

“The effect is where our club is going to be participating in a race in the next couple of weeks. Our site is the start point, and so we are a little concerned about other clubs bringing their canoes,” said Moikeha.

“We’re definitely going to do a board meeting and get some of the kupuna together and some the heads of our organization, and try to see if we can get a good solution, a peaceful solution,” said Turner.

Police say no arrests have been made for the vandalism at Maunalua Bay. It’s unknown at this time if the two cases are related.