Upcountry Maui residents asked to conserve water; tap could have odd taste, smell


Residents in Upcountry Maui may notice that their tap water tastes and smells different.

A water shortage has been declared in the area, and it’s causing an odd taste and smell.

Officials say residents shouldn’t worry. The water is still safe to drink.

The Department of Water Supply says the shortage is essentially due to lack of rain.

In the meantime, the utility is asking everyone in Upcountry Maui — which includes Makawao, Pukalani, Kula, and Haiku — to conserve water until further notice.

For example, wait till you have enough clothes for a full load of laundry, water your lawn only when needed, and wash your fruits or vegetables in a pan instead of letting the water run.

“As long as they voluntarily try to reduce their usage by about 15 percent, it could go a long way toward alleviating any problems to them and their neighbors,” said Department of Water Supply director David Taylor.

The utility will continue to test the water to ensure there isn’t any harmful bacteria or pathogens in it.

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