Unusual shrimp found in mud pool near Kaena Point


A scientist recently stumbled across an unusual find near Kaena Point.

Sam Ohu Gon, a senior scientist with the Nature Conservancy of Hawaii, tells us he was hiking with friends when they saw shrimp fluttering in a small mud pool.

“The gate was down. The road was closed. The mud puddles that would normally have been completely disturbed by four-wheel-drive vehicles were clear and undisturbed,” he said. “People I was with were like, ‘What are you looking for?’ I said, well, I’ve seen really interesting shrimp that live only in these temporary pools, and so sure enough, we started seeing silt moving.”

Scientists are trying to figure out what it is, but after some research, Ohu Gon says he believes it’s a fairy shrimp.

“The Hawaiian islands are a remarkable place. There are not only ecosystems and species to be found nowhere else on the planet, but you can find them in the most surprising places. To find a new species of shrimp in a mud hole on the way to Kaena Point, it’s just remarkable to me,” said Ohu Gon. “I think for general public, it’s neat that we can go on a public road on state park and find something remarkable like this.”

Ohu Gon says DNA analysis will be conducted at Bishop Museum to find out more about these mysterious creatures.

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