‘Unstoppable’ Bethany Hamilton shreds waves at Kelly Slater Surf Ranch


It’s all smiles for famed surfer Bethany Hamilton as she jets off to take on the perfect wave.

This isn’t the first time Hamilton has surfed at the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch. She was shredding waves back when she was three months pregnant with her second son. 

On Tuesday, KGPE sat down with the professional surfer during practice time for an exclusive interview about her life.

“It’s just been getting back into the groove with surfing the last three months. I’m so excited to be competing here at the surf ranch event this September. It’s going to be amazing,” said Hamilton. 

Hamilton rose to fame in 2003 after losing her left arm to a 14-foot tiger shark. She quickly became an inspiration to millions when she returned to the water just one month later.

Since then, she started her own foundation called ‘”Friends of Bethany,” which reaches out to amputees and youth. 

“We all need encouragement, and just being able to share my story is such a blessing and I love being able to share my faith and sharing just everything that I’ve been through,” said Hamilton. 

Drone footage shows just how unstoppable Hamilton is. In fact, that’s the title of her newest book and documentary. 

“I’m just excited to be able to share life as a mom and surfer and doing it all with one arm and what that kind of looks like,” said Hamilton. 

Right now for her, that means traveling with her husband and two children while she competes in the next championship tour.

How do the artificial waves in San Joaquin Valley compare to those in, say, Hawaii or Australia?

“It’s pretty amazing to be so far from the beach yet have such incredible waves here in Central California. It’s just a dream,” said Hamilton. “It’s amazing to see what man is making with technology, and creating our own waves, it’s a sight to see, for sure.”

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