Unretouched photos of Beyonce spark Photoshop debate


(CNN) — This week is the 25th anniversary of the invention of Photoshop. It’s changed not only how brands and companies market to women, but it’s also changed how women see themselves.

Beyonce became the latest celebrity to fall victim to an unauthorized leak of un-Photoshopped images. The response from her fans has been fascinating.

“There were people who came out and said ‘gosh, I really didn’t want to see that or she looks not very good,'” said Natasha Bird, lifestyle editor of Yahoo UK. “Actually, I did notice an overwhelming trend of positive responses saying ‘hang on, she still looks better than me on a bad day.’ I don’t think her image has been tarnished at all.”

There have been multiple instances where people believe Beyonce has presented pictures as candid that have been Photoshopped. There have been other allegations that Beyonce’s skin has been lightened. Now, that one is a bit more difficult, and as a black woman, often you see yourself on screen looking so much lighter than you are in person.

And it’s not just Beyonce. Kerry Washington on the cover of March’s Instyle magazine was unrecognizable. We know what Kerry Washington looks like. Viola Davis is an extradordinary acclaimed actress, and she found herself at the heart of so many different conversations simply by taking off her wig and makeup on an episode of “How to Get Away with Murder,” allowing herself to reflect back to so many of her fans the reality that greets them when they look in the mirror.

I think makeup can be a distraction from what you are saying, especially with women. Most people don’t need an excuse to focus on what you look like, whether that’s the good or the bad. It’s not to take away from women who do choose to wear makeup.

I think extraordinary and beautiful things can be done, but I just don’t feel like me. The worry is the industry is not representing these women, not giving representation of women that are true to who they and their fans know them to be.

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