Problems continue for University of Hawaii at Manoa students living in Hale Mokihana.

They still don’t have hot water, and now university officials say they might have to move to another dorm.

We first told you last week that the hot water had been out for about two weeks due to a problem with the boiler.

University officials told us the contractor was waiting for parts, which is why it took two weeks to fix.

A contractor was able to fix it last Friday, but because of a gas leak on Tuesday, the hot water had to be turned off.

A university spokesman said the contractor fixed the leak on Wednesday, but then another leak was detected and there’s a problem finding the source.

Now it’s not clear when the hot water will be back on.

“They still noticed a little gas in the air, so we shut the boilers down. This was all last night and they’re having an issue finding that one small leak,” said university spokesman Dan Meisenzahl. “Hopefully it will be fixed and the problem will be resolved, but if not, we’ll probably move the students to nearby facilities on campus student housing.

“We can’t apologize enough for the lack of facilities. It’s definitely not something that we wanted to happen and we appreciate everyone’s patience,” Meisenzahl added.

There are about 150 students living at Hale Mokihana. They’ve been allowed to take showers at another dorm or move altogether while the hot water was out.

Meisenzahl says so far, only two students have asked to move.

If all the residents have to move out, Meisenzahl says they will probably be notified sometime Friday.