University of Hawaii at Manoa releases annual safety report


With more than 20,000 students attending UH Manoa, just how safe is the campus?

The university released its annual safety report covering everything from sexual assault, to car thefts, and how many times students are found with drugs or alcohol.

UH Manoa saw a drop in a number of crimes like sex assault, while others saw significant increases.

The report is a tool for the university to see areas where there can be some improvement, and for students and their families to learn more about just how safe the university is.

The numbers are in. So just how safe is UH Manoa? According to UH Spokesman Dan Meisenzahl it is very safe.

“We’re a very safe campus we’re probably one of the safest places in the state because we have on top of your regular policeman also have a department of public safety patrols the campus,” said Meisenzahl.

According to the school’s annual crime report, there were 3 instances of rape and forcible fondling reported on campus last year, with 8 incidents of dating violence, which is two more than the year before.

The overwhelming majority of bad behavior involving students had to do with liquor law violations coming in at 884 and drug related violations with just over 500, most of which according to UH dealt with marijuana use.

“We have young people. You’re going to have people using alcohol and drugs. So we do everything we can to address those problems, and definitely try to educate our students to make a choices.”

And UH says most students are first time offenders.

“89 percent of the students who have been found in violation of alcohol first time do not repeat and 96 percent of the students found in violation for drugs are first time offenders and do not repeat.”

UH says it has a number of programs that students have to participate in if they are found at fault, and that even though over 800 students were involved in alcohol related incidents, less than 400 were found responsible.

“The school can only do so much, and we need students to watch out for each other as well. Especially if they see something that’s happening.”

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