Unexplained ghostly encounters haunt officers at training facility


The Honolulu Police Department’s Ke Kula Maka’i Training Facility in Waipahu opened in 1988.

It has been the sight of countless unexplained ghostly encounters.

Honolulu Police Department Reserve Officer Comer Stamps, Jr. shares a terrifying tale of a former overnight security guard.

“During the day it’s a pretty busy place with all the officers, training staff, and recruits on campus.  But once the sun goes down this place is totally different.  The place is dark, no traffic, no pedestrians, nothing.  And that’s when strange things start to happen.  That’s why I hate coming here at night.  But believe it or not HPD has overnight security guards to keep an eye on this place.  One of them is friend of mine named Tony.

Well one night as he was doing his building checks, he heard a sound like wood clanking together.  Now no one was supposed to be here that night so he went to go check it out.  As he passed the canine building you can hear the dogs going nuts in the kennels, running around, barking, and kicking their food dishes.  So he knew he wasn’t the only one who could hear it.

When he got near the SWAT house, the noise got louder and louder.  As he looked at the building, he noticed all the wooden shutters were opening and closing repeatedly.  There was no one standing next to the windows working the shutters.  What’s more, it was a windless night so the wind wasn’t blowing the shutters either.  Tony took a few steps closer to the SWAT house and all at once, the shutters stopped moving.  It was dead quiet.  Even the dogs stopped barking.  Tony slowly walked towards the SWAT house, peaked in through the window and said ‘Hello? Anyone here?’ but no one answered and the building was empty.

But wait, Tony’s story doesn’t end there.

A couple nights later, Tony was doing his regular routine, closing the front gate, making sure it was secured and doing his checks around the property.  Everything seemed normal and of course he was the only one at the academy so he decided to sit in the breezeway to pass time.  But as he stared out into the parking lot, he noticed an old lady dressed in white walking towards him.  At first, he may have though the lady was lost or needed help.  So Tony waved at her to get her attention.  But she didn’t respond and kept walking toward him.

A funny thing crossed his mind.  He didn’t hear the gate open.  So how did she get in?  As Tony stood up to ask the old lady, she disappeared.  

Tony thought ‘oh no, not again.’  But this time he decided he better call his supervisor about it.  So he turned and guess who is standing there.  The lady in white.  And guess what, she starts slowly walking towards him, eyes fixed, and staring at him.  By now, Tony is freaking out.  He is so scared.  He can’t move, he’s frozen, she’s so close to him that he notices that her face looks angry.

He tries to yell or scream, nothing comes out.  Then whoosh, she disappears again.

Tony let out a sigh of relief and slowly looked around.

But this time no one was there so he sat back down to gather his thoughts.  He couldn’t believe that the ghost appeared twice and was coming after him.  Tony was about to stand up and call his supervisor when guess who decides to show up.  Yup, the old lady was back and this time she was sitting right across from him.  This was too much for Tony to handle.  He sprang up and booked it the heck out of there.”

HPD says many officers who swear by their ghostly experiences at Ke Kula Maka’i Training Academy refused to speak on camera for this video.

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