UH Manoa students stock up on food, water as Hurricane Lane approaches


UH has been sending emails, keeping students and parents up-to-date on Hurricane Lane.

Officials are reminding those who live on campus to stay informed and download apps that send alerts on your phone, keep important numbers handy, and store basic emergency supplies like flashlights, first aid kits, food and water. 

As the campuses initiate emergency protocols, we asked students how they’re preparing for Hurricane Lane.

“We already have canned soup and vienna sausage, which we both really like. Gena got me peanut butter and jelly and bread,” said UH Manoa student Emilie Brown. 

“My mom texted me and my dad and they were both saying oh we are little worried – no, they are really worried – and oh, please pick up some food for the hurricane and just stay safe,” said student Alesha Menor

“Like every parent, we are worried because she is going to be on her own and it’s kind of scary but hopefully God will prevail and everything will be alright,” said Jimmy Fujii of Maui, who has a daughter at UH Manoa. 

“I’m the best I could be prepared because my parents have gotten me everything as far as food, snacks, and water. I have batteries and flashlights,” said daughter Jamie.

Students should stock up on food and water on their own. Student housing and Manoa Dining Services also maintain those provisions for emergencies.

“We have for instance two weeks worth of food in student housing available for our students, worst-case scenario, and we are cut off from supplies,” said UH spokesman Daniel Meisenzahl.

UH says students were told to shelter in place if the storm gets bad. Wednesday evening, UH will be going over these procedures in a briefing. For locations and times. students need to check with their hall staff.

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