UH Manoa responds to allegations against men’s volleyball coach


A week ahead of the National Championship tournament, UH men’s volleyball head coach Charlie Wade is accused of possible misconduct against a female athlete. The university says the alleged incident happened about 30 years ago in California. 

The spokesman for the University of Hawaii, Dan Meisenzahl tells me the University takes allegations of sexual misconduct seriously but adds Coach Wade has never been accused of sexual misconduct while coaching here.

Charlie Wade has been under investigation by the U.S. Center for Safesport since September 2018 over an accusation of misconduct with a female athlete, which happened about 30 years ago when he coached a club volleyball team in Anaheim, California.

For background, Safesport was created by the Olympics Committee in 2017 following allegations of sexual misconduct in USA Gymnastics.

Coach Wade denies claims of wrongdoing.

As the investigation continues, UH says it does not affect Wade’s employment, and since he is not under investigation by the NCAA, he can continue to coach leading up to the volleyball tournament – which starts next week. 

“Twenty years here at UH as the women’s associate assistant coach and as the men’s head coach, there’s never been an accusation of this type made against him and he’s carried himself with the highest level of professionalism,” said UH spokesperson Dan Meisenzahl. “I think the timing is surprising and of course it’s unfortunate. But this is the day and age we live in.”

“They stick him in a place where’s he suspended. But does nothing with NCAA. He can still coach. The man did nothing wrong. Our position is there’s nothing to respond to. They should look at dates and times.” said Wade’s attorney, Michael Green. “What was the relationship? He was the coach. She came to his wedding. He went to her wedding as she grew up. All of a sudden she goes off deep end. Then all of a sudden she texts him inappropriate stuff and he says that’s it.”

We are told UH was notified Wednesday morning which is seven months after the investigation by the U.S. Center for Safesport initiated their investigation. Meisenzahl stated that the reason they were told this late was because Wade was advised by legal counsel to wait. All university employees undergo  misconduct training annually. 

We reached out to Safesport but were told that it could not comment on specifics. As of now, its investigation is ongoing. 

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