Uber rolling out new safety features, increasing safety for college students


Changes are coming to Uber to make sure the car you’re getting into is the right one and not a fake driver. This comes after the murder of a college student on the mainland who got into the wrong car, mistakenly thinking it was her Uber.

The biggest new feature Uber is rolling out are alerts to remind drivers to look at the car and its driver when they’re being picked up. The app shows you the license plate and make and model of the car picking you up. It also has the name and photo of the driver.

For college students, Uber is partnering up with colleges across the U.S. to set up designated pick-up spots to help students get home safely. 

They’re also launching “campus rides” which is a service that students can use to get rides really late or early when options are limited.

“Anybody in the college student demographic is a consumer of ride share,” said Stephen Ward, Hawaii Pacific University spokesman.

Hawaii Pacific University says it hasn’t been in contact with Uber yet, but it has its own way to educate students on how to keep safe. 

“In general what we’re talking about in this program is to get ahead of things and to develop a sense of what could happen in a situation and to be ready for it  Don’t be caught by surprise. Be proactive,” said Ward. 

Some of the tips HPU gives students include letting someone know you’re leaving and having them check that you made it home safe, walking with purpose with your keys ready, locking all doors in your car, avoiding areas that are not well-lit, and being aware of your surroundings.

If you see something suspicious students can call police or campus security.

“These issues are universal. We’re aware of what just happened in South Carolina – a terrible tragedy. We’d hate to say that that kind of thing could happen anywhere but let’s be real, it could happen anywhere,” said Ward. 

You can find out more on the Uber safety initiative at this website.

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