Typhoon Hagibis: At least 19 dead, dozens injured


Officials confirmed at least 19 people are dead and more than 100 people left injured after Typhoon Hagibis barreled through part of Japan. The powerful storm hit south of Tokyo.

Hagibis tore down trees, brought heavy rain and caused severe flooding in parts of Japan.

Strong winds whipped through cities as the storm made landfall Saturday night local time.

“It was so strong to the point where it actually moved the building we were in. The building was swaying side to side,” said Myko Hodgins.

Hodgins and his friends are visiting Japan from Hawaii. They said enduring their first typhoon was terrifying.

“We were on our beds and we just felt our beds just swaying a lot. We were just scared really,” Hodgins added.

The storm destroyed buildings. At one point nearly 300,000 households were without power.

Ross Mihara, a news anchor for NHK World News, said the coastal and mountainous areas got hit the hardest.

“On the coast and in the mountain sides there was a lot of flooding in the low lying areas, and there were landslides in the mountainous areas,” Mihara explained.

Mihara said where he lives in Shibuya, the storm did not do a lot of damage, but people were prepared for the worst.

“Every supermarket, every convenient store was emptied out with things you would expect to be emptied out: water, bread, things like that,” Mihara said.

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