Try It Before You Buy It: SensorSafe car seats by Evenflo


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Las Vegas (KLAS) — Forgetting a child in a hot car is something no parent ever wants to do, but it does happen.

Car seat manufacturer Evenflo claims to have come up with a solution to make sure it never happens again.

SensorSafe comes with two sensors — one in the safety clip of the car seat; the other goes underneath your steering wheel. The battery should last as long as the car seat, which means you don’t have to change it.

We enlisted the help of a teddy bear to put the sensors to the test.

As a parent, one of your biggest fears is forgetting to buckle in your child — or perhaps they unbuckle themselves. The sensor is supposed to warn you.

When we unbuckle Teddy, the sensor doesn’t sound immediately, but it does go off — a melodic beeping.

The alarm is described by Evenflo as a “gentle reminder,” but we found it almost too gentle.

The melody plays twice through and then stops, so if you had music playing, chances are, you’d never know your child was unclipped.

But the real purpose of the car seat is to warn you to take your child out when you park your car.

Turn off the engine, and the song begins to play. Without distractions, it’s enough to remind a parent a child is there.

You know what else might help you remember? Locking yourself in a hot car for a spell to experience what it’s like first-hand.

We did just that on a 109-degree day for 20 minutes.

In that short time, our blood pressure went up, and so did our pulse and temperature.

Within the first 10 minutes, the temperature in the car rose 80 percent. Children have died of heat stroke in cars when it’s been far cooler outside, just a mere 60 degrees.

Evenflo SensorSafe car seats do provide a solution to this problem and they do work, which makes them a good, affordable option for any family with small children.Learn more about SensorSafe here.

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