Trump’s children, son-in-law are his presidential campaign’s inner circle


(CNN) — Donald Trump Junior has confirmed the role that he and the other Trump children played in Corey Lewandowski’s departure as campaign manager.

Donald Trump’s children have been by his side from the very start of his presidential bid. His daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, as well as Trump’s sons Donald Jr. and Eric, have quietly but quickly built up influence within the campaign — not only showing public support at rallies, but emerging behind the scenes as some of the presumptive nominee’s top advisers, even though they are not official members of the campaign.

Weighing in on staffing decisions, Ivanka and her husband specifically pushed for the ouster of Lewandowski.

They provide input on strategy and Ivanka has advised her father to tone down his rhetoric and be more presidential. She also fiercely defends him, like when questions were raised about his treatment of women.

Trump’s children have also stepped in to shape the candidate’s policy proposals and message — Ivanka helped to write Trump’s remarks at the end of the primary season.

Her husband, Jared Kushner, an Orthodox Jew, helped craft Trump’s address to the pro-Israel AIPAC conference, Trump’s first speech using a teleprompter during the campaign. He has also been tapped to already start build a transition team should Trump win the White House, a role typically reserved for the most seasoned political operators.

Trump’s children have also taken on real responsibility as some of their father’s most effective surrogates by doing TV interviews, headlining campaign events and appearing in videos to help turn out voters.

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