Trick-or-treaters line up for Halloween ‘jackpot’ in Kahala


Thousands of families were out and about trick-or-treating Wednesday night.

Malls are becoming hot spots for families to go to since they’re safe.

However many did venture out into their own neighborhoods to score free treats.

One home in Kahala is known as the place to visit, since the “Candy Man,” who likes to remain anonymous, hands out full-sized treats, and lots of them!

“It just started in 2004 in a small way and just got larger over time. Now it’s up to about 2,000 people each Halloween,” he said.

“I’m 21 and I’ve never gotten this much candy in my life,” said Tzana Saldania. “Apparently this guy has been handing out candy and lining up, you get the box and everything. I got a full box of Red Vines. It’s really awesome that he is this willing to share with the community.”

The Candy Man tells us there’s a rumor floating around that this is his last year giving out candy.

Something his wife says is true, but he hasn’t decided anything just yet.

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