Ready to go! Southwest Airlines says all it’s waiting for is the green light from the FAA. Southwest will definitely bring some competition to the market so we get reaction from travelers.

When it comes down to which airline to fly, we found a mix of those who say it’s about cost and some who choose loyalty. 

Currently, Hawaiian Airlines dominates interisland flights. Southwest has committed to some level of interisland service after it’s initial start in Hawaii next year, but have not shared any specifics. Travelers are hoping ticket prices will be competitive, and there’s a mix of who will fly what.

“Sometimes I’m on a budget. Sometimes if I got the money then yeah because Hawaiian is up there. Their prices I understand, but Hawaiian over everything,” said Josh Molina, “because of the culture. Hawaiian is a good airline. I fly every time I come back to Hawaii.”

“When Aloha closed down it was hard to catch flights and it definitely got more expensive,” said Ashley Salazar. “Hawaii has gotten so expensive and with kids nowadays I got this one and a two-year-old and you pay a lot of money for these little ones and it’s hard especially when you want to come to Oahu. We live on the Big Island.”

While many airlines have raised their prices for checked bags, Southwest says it will continue to give customers two checked bags for free along no change fees.

Southwest Airlines said it would start selling tickets by the end of this year. No word yet exactly when or how it will make that announcement.