Trapasso, Medeiros support MLB’s first openly gay player


As David Denson was named the Most Valuable Player of the Pioneer League All-Star game August 4th, little did baseball fans realize how much of a pioneer he would become.

This past weekend, the 20-year-old California native made national headlines, revealing that he is gay.

Denson came out to his team, the Helena Brewers, becoming the first active gay player ever affiliated with Major League Baseball.

Just over a year ago, David Denson was a member of the University of Hawaii’s 2014 baseball recruiting class.

That same summer, Denson was selected by the Milwaukee Brewers in the 15th round of the Major League Baseball draft, eventually swaying his future to the professional ranks.

Coach Mike Trapasso says he’d be supportive of a gay player, as he would have been if Denson had decided to attend UH. “With kids, our goal like we always say no matter what is to make sure our kids graduate. Make sure they develop as baseball players, make sure they develop as people.” Trapasso said.

“They leave here being able to contribute to society in some fashion. None of that changes. I think that’s the same today as it always has been.”

Denson spent 24 games playing with with Waiakea graduate Kodi Medeiros on the class A Wisconsin Timber Rattlers this season. The 2014 first round pick was in the same draft class with Denson.

He is confident the Brewers locker room will support David. “We all have each other’s backs, we know each other personally.” Medeiros said.

“Being that he’s a good guy good teammate we have no problem backing him up and supporting him. Having the courage to actually do that, it honestly takes a lot to do that. So people seeing this, they’ll have the courage to stand up for themselves.”

Current Brewers head coach Craig Counsell also expressed support for Denson, telling the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel “It’s not easy trying to become a major-league baseball player, and I’m sure it hasn’t been easy dealing with everything he has had to deal with up to this point. Hopefully, this kind of gets something out of the way that allows all of his talents to shine through.”

Denson is hitting .239 in Helena with 4 home runs and 18 runs batted in.

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