One hundred and two people have been killed on Hawaii’s roads so far this year. It’s a sobering number.

With Thanksgiving only one week away, officially kicking off the holiday season, Mothers Against Drunk Driving is urging everyone to celebrate responsibly. 

Carol McNamee, MADD Hawaii founder is sharing their message to tie a red ribbon on for safety in their annual TOOFS campaign. 

“This is a season of fun and enjoyment and partying, and it should be wonderful. But all to often people drink a little too much and get behind the wheel and a joyful season turns into tragedy,” McNamee explained.

In 2017, 120 people were killed in car accidents. Seventy three of those people died because of  drunk drivers.

MADD is asking everyone to take the pledge — not to drive drunk.

“Get a red ribbon tie it on to your vehicle so that every time you look at that ribbon that I will not drink and drive,” McNamee said.

It’s really about taking responsibility for yourself and making sure and those around you make it home safely.

“Yes, go out and have a good time. But before you go out somewhere alcohol might be served get a designated driver.  That’s pretty easy to do now. If you can’t find a friend, we have ride share programs, we have cabs, we have buses everywhere,” McNamee said.

And if you must drink, enjoy a mocktail.

“We believe it’s a safe alternative. It’s a non alcoholic drink that you can have during the holiday season that’s going to help designated drivers and other party goers that are not drinkers be alcohol free so they can drive people home safely,” said Mike Mishima from DTRIC Insurance.

So enjoy your holiday season and party responsibly.

You can pick up your red ribbon at Macys, Napa Auto Parts and Aloha Island Marts. 
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