Thousands of people came out for the 2018 Honolulu Pride Parade on Saturday, Oct. 20. 

The parade started at Ala Moana and ended at the Waikiki Shell.

This year’s Pride Parade was one of the biggest yet. Hundreds of floats, cars, and trolleys rolled down the streets with thousands of participants. 

“There were over 100 entrants this year,” said Randall Jadulang with Hawaii LGBT Legacy Foundation. “Last year we had about 80, so we’re growing.”

The annual event celebrating equality for the LGBT community

“These events really help to share and spread awareness, and make sure our voices are heard and those who are still struggling with not being able to be their whole selves, we want to make sure we support events that allow people to do that,” said Daniel Chun, Director of Sales, Community and Public Relations Hawaii for Alaska Airlines. 

Thousands of spectators also came out to show their support. 

“I feel this is an amazing time where everyone can just be who they are without any shame, it’s just beautiful and that’s what hawaii is,” said HPU student Joshua Garrett. 

“This is my first Pride Parade in Honolulu, it’s wonderful to see, especially in dark times like this, that everybody came together to celebrate and lean into their joy,” said David Shaku. 

Kevin Larson also works for Alaska Airlines. He says his main goal is encouraging people to be themselves.

“My goal as a LBGT leader at Alaska Airlines is to tell our employees its okay to be who you are at work, and we want you to because we’re a better airline on the other side of that,” he said. 

This is his 50th Pride Parade in 10 years. He says this one is his favorite. 

“You see a lot of families and that’s humbling to walk down the parade route and see families holding their children and to celebrate diversity,” Larson said.