Tears in courtroom as detective breaks down evidence in Maui murder trial


The mood in the Maui courtroom Friday afternoon shifted dramatically as photos of what were allegedly the few remains of the victim’s body were shown during the murder trial of Steven Capobianco.

He is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend, Carly “Charli” Scott. She was 27 years old and five months pregnant when she went missing in February 2014.

During Friday’s continuing testimony of the case investigator, Sgt. Wendell Loo detailed the evidence collected in the case.

Scott’s vehicle was found on the night of Feb. 12, 2014, torched at the popular surf spot known as Jaws on Maui’s north shore. Loo said he was suspicious of the cause of the fire and couldn’t determine whether it was intentional or accidental.

A SWAT team was called in to help in the investigation by doing a search for Scott the next morning.

Scott’s family and friends organized their own search teams as well. Loo said one of those search groups found something of interest at Kaumahina State Park.

Police were led to the makai shoulder of the roadway where a stained pair of blue jeans were found and then recovered as evidence. The stain “resembled possible blood,” Loo said.

Drag marks were also discovered near a guardrail off the highway with a steep drop-off cliff.

Investigators also found remains. Photos were shown to the courtroom of what was described as clumps and strands of red hair and pieces of jawbone recovered in vegetation off Hana Highway.

When asked about the strands of hair, Loo said “basically the hair was in clumps… It was a reddish-colored hair… It was the same, approximately the same color as the victim’s hair, Charli.”

Capobianco showed some emotion while the photos were shown, shaking his head and covering his mouth with both hands. Some observers in the gallery were crying.

A bra, a body piercing, and fingernails were also recovered.

The search included looking through the home of Scott. Loo said “I was informed possible evidence was located at that location.”

Capobianco was brought in for questioning a third time, and a clip of that audio recording was played in the afternoon.

In it, Capobianco still maintains his innocence, and even drops a bombshell: he had gotten Scott pregnant before.

Detective: Did she get pregnant before from you?

Capobianco: Mmm, maybe. I think she mentioned it once, but she just got it terminated.

Detective: Did she get that termination here in Maui? Were you with her? Did you take her and drop her off? Kind of support her in that?

Capobianco: I think she actually did it without me knowing at first. I think I found out after the fact.

Detective: Where did she say she did that? It’s pretty traumatic, huh?

Capobianco: Yeah, that’s actually how I found out. I caught her crying in the middle of the night once when I woke up to go to the bathroom. I think she got it done at Planned Parenthood in Honolulu, but I’m not positive.

In the recording, Capobianco also admits to sleeping with one of Scott’s sisters, which he says caused problems in Scott’s family.

Scott’s mother and sister were expected to testify after Loo Friday, but did not get the chance. The trial resumes next week Tuesday.

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