Tamashiro Market reopens after workers cleared of hepatitis A


Tamashiro Market is back open for business.

The Kalihi store reopened Wednesday morning, five days after the Hawaii Department of Health announced a worker had tested positive for hepatitis A.

The news prompted Tamashiro Market to close and all employees were instructed to take blood tests.

“He was already cleared. By the time we found out that he had the hepatitis A virus, he was already past the contagious period,” said Cyrus Tamashiro, president of Tamashiro Market.

While a few test results have yet to come back, Tamashiro says all workers who are currently on staff have tested negative for the virus.

He says the store threw out all its old inventory and is slowly working to restock.

“Fishermen are delivering, we’ve got auction purchasing, we have also imports are coming in, so for the weekend, we should be fully stocked and we look forward to seeing all of our customers back again,” Tamashiro said. “It’s going to take a while because I guess people aren’t sure when we’re open, but we are open and we’re ready to serve our customers.”

Tamashiro says the infected worker is okay, but feels responsible for the store’s temporary closure.

“He’s a valued employee and he’s a very good person and we support him,” said Tamashiro. “We don’t blame him. He’s not at fault, and just as a precaution, everyone else was also tested, so we’re confident now that we are hepatitis A free.”

Workers are instructed to always wear gloves while handling food, and Tamashiro says it’s never been a problem in the past.

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