Suspects arrested in Waipahu manhunt are no strangers to run-ins with the law


HONOLULU (KHON2) — Three suspects remain in custody after Thursday’s manhunt in Waipahu. Victor Gascon III, James Fejeran and Leilani Lokar were arrested after the hours-long pursuit. The fourth suspect, Shona Mae Cobb was released on bail. Police records show that this is not the first time Gascon, Fejeran and Lokar have run into trouble.

Gascon and Fejeran have 46 prior arrests and 15 convictions between them. Although Lokar has only four priors and no convictions, she failed to appear in court in October for breaking into a car two months prior.

The scene in old Waipahu Thursday was like something straight out of a movie. Law enforcement swarmed the streets, armed, hunting for four suspects. After several hours, they caught them.

Victor Gascon III, 25, and James Fejeran, 25, were both arrested for armed robbery, car theft and several other offenses.

Leilani Lokar, 18, and Shona-Mae Cobb, 39, were arrested for unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle.

Police said the pursuit that lead to their arrest began in Waialua after Gascon and Fejeran tried to steal a car at gunpoint. An undercover officer was in the area and followed the suspects to Waipahu where the two men ditched the stolen Nissan Altima they used in the crime.

Police said Lokar and Cobb were still inside the Altima when they were arrested.

Police records show that Thursday’s incident isn’t the first run in with the law for any of them.

Gascon has 13 felony convictions including multiple unauthorized entry into motor vehicle convictions and a conviction for unauthorized control of a motor vehicle. He has 10 other minor convictions dating back to 2013.

On November 12, a Crimestoppers bulletin was issued a warrant for Gascon, Michael Kahalehoe and Melvin Spillner on parole violations.

Later that night, Kahalehoe was killed in an officer involved shoot-out at a Kapolei gas station. Spillner was arrested and the following day at a news conference, Chief Susan Ballard said Gascon was a person of interest in other recent crimes.

Fejeran has two felony convictions, one for promoting dangerous drugs and drug paraphernalia. He also has a petty misdemeanor for theft.

Thursday’s armed robbery attempt is just one in a long line of crimes involving weapons that have taken on a more violent tone.

In a press conference Wednesday, HPD Chief Susan Ballard said she’s working with the US Attorney’s Office seeking harsher penalties for violent criminals.

“When we catch these guys–not if but when we catch them–we will be pursuing federal charges against them if it is possible, if it fits the federal criteria,” Ballard said.

Lokar has four prior arrests but no convictions. Court records show that she failed to appear in court in October on charges related to a car break-in in August. She is also being looked at for other recent crimes including burglary.

Records show that Cobb has two prior arrests and no convictions. She was released on $1000 bail.

Gascon, Fejeran and Lokar are still in police custody but they have not been charged yet.

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