Surfer bitten by shark in waters off Laie


A 23-year old man was taken to the hospital Saturday morning after being bit by a shark.

The attack cleared the line-up near Laie Beach Park this morning. The surfer was bitten on his right arm. 

“You kind of just saw blood everywhere,” said witness and surfer Ryan Hailstones, who was about 20-feet away from the victim. 

“It was beautiful, glassy, really good waves and all of a sudden you  hear someone yelling ‘help! Shark! Help,'” Hailstones said.  

It happened around 8:30 a.m. near Pounders Beach. Hailstones says the 23-year-old male victim was sitting on an eight-foot surf board. 

“I just saw the fin going back-and-forth, back-and-forth while he’s screaming trying to fight the shark off,” he said. 

Hailstones says it happened about a half-mile from shore. 

“It’s like do you go in? Or do you help him? You got to help him,” he said. 

He tells KHON2 there were about 20 people in the surf line-up, all of them helping the victim to shore. Two of the surfers using their surf leashes as a tourniquet.

He adds the surf spot is usually empty, sometimes he’s the only one out there. Hailstones was thankful it was crowded today. 

“We safely got him to the beach and got through to one of these beach houses and called 911,” he said. “We re-did the tourniquet when we got down there.”

Hailstones says the shark bit a large chunk of his elbow and wrist. “It looked like he was losing blood really quick and the tourniquet really helped.”

Other witnesses tell me the victim was in good spirits when he left the scene. He was taken to the hospital in serious condition. 

“He actually had a smile on [his face] getting into the ambulance and he was thanking everyone,” Hailstones said. 

“He was a nice guy and I hope he recovers well.”

Lifeguards posted signs in the area shortly after. Laie Beach Park is a non-guarded beach. 

A spokesperson for the Honolulu Emergency Services Department says paramedics responded to Pounders Beach at about 8:30 a.m.

EMS treated the man and transported him to the hospital in serious condition.

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