Supreme Court delivers decision in Waters versus Nago


The Hawaii Supreme Court has made its ruling in the legal battle over a Honolulu city council seat. 

A new election must be held, which is what challenger Tommy Waters wanted.

Waters lost the election by 22 votes to Trevor Ozawa.

In his challenge, Waters called for more than 300 votes to be invalidated because they were not in the possession of the City Clerk’s office by 6 p.m. election night.

It was proven in court, at that time, the votes in question were in the hands of the U.S. Postal Service and were in the process of being brought to the clerk’s office.

The Supreme Court ruled this was in violation of election laws. 

One of the things Waters asked for, if the court ruled in his favor, is to have a re-vote. 

We’ve reached out to the Office of Elections to see if that will happen.     

We are waiting to hear back.

We’re also waiting to hear back from both Waters and Ozawa.

The City Clerk’s Office says it will review the ruling with its attorneys to determine its next steps. 

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