Super Bowl champion Kamu Grugier-Hill returns home to Hawaii


Still flying high off of his Super Bowl win, Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Kamu Grugier-Hill is back home in Hawaii.

The former Kamehameha standout stopped by Wake Up 2day and Take2 Tuesday morning to talk about his memorable season, the big win, and life after the Super Bowl.

“The whole game was crazy, but I keep telling people like before the game, we had that mentality. We kind of knew we were going to win. It was just one of those things, we just had that feeling. That whole season going on, fighting through all the adversity and stuff. What really did it was when we had that sack-fumble from Tom Brady. We knew right there it was over, and they weren’t going to come back from that,” he said.

Grugier-Hill says the City of Brotherly Love has welcomed him with open arms.

“People out there, they’ve never left where they’re from, so to have someone so far, like for me to be from Hawaii, is amazing to them,” he said. “Being where we live is so amazing and beautiful, they always try to come here. So for me, they always try to have a conversation, not even about football, but where I’m from.”

Grugier-Hill was selected as a special-teams Pro Bowl alternate this season after recording 22 tackles, a forced fumble, and a blocked punt. During Super Bowl LII, he tore up the turf on all kick-off and punt-return units.

“It’s one of those mentalities for me, just being where I am right now, obviously striving to work my way onto the defensive playing field, any role you give me, I’m going to try to be the best at, I don’t care what it is,” he said.

Grugier-Hill got a late start in football. Prior to his junior year at Kamehameha, he was a soccer player. He enjoyed a standout career at Eastern Illinois University before being drafted in 2016 in the sixth round by none other than the New England Patriots.

He was placed on the waiver wire that September and got picked up by Philadelphia. He put on his Eagles wings and never looked back. Those circumstances made his team’s 41-33 win over the Patriots that much sweeter.

“That was just the nature of the business, but in my mentality, you know, the Hawaii mentality, I wanted to get back at them and show them what they’re missing,” Grugier-Hill said, while noting it was all in good fun. “I made a couple good friends up there, so it was cool to play against them and we were talking the whole week prior.”

Grugier-Hill attributes much of his success to his hometown support system, and spends most of his time in Hawaii with family.

“It’s amazing to come home to a place that has your back at all times, and it’s truthfully nothing more than the greatest aloha in the world,” he said.

His message to the next generation: “You don’t have to start anything when you’re a kid. You’ve just got to find something that you genuinely love, fall in love with that, and your passion is going to take over. If you care that much about anything, you’re going to do whatever you can to be the best at it. So just keep doing that.”

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