Students work to put an end to dangerous, distracted driving


Hundreds of elementary, middle and high school students statewide are urging drivers and passengers to reduce risky behaviors while on the road with the annual “Stop If You Love Me” campaign. 

Twenty-seven schools on four islands will participate from February 12 to 15.

The campaign is sponsored by Hawaii State Department of Education’s (DOE) Driver and Traffic Safety Education Program (DTSEP), DTRIC Insurance, and Par Hawaii.

During the safety campaign, the DOE works with student advocates to encourage drivers and passengers to eliminate dangerous behaviors while in their vehicles, including cell phone use, texting, driving intoxicated, road rage and speeding, lack of seatbelt use, distractions by passengers. 

The campaign also educates students about the risks of these behaviors.

Through various activities at their schools, youth advocates will address the topic of dangerous driving habits with fellow students, reinforcing that such behavior puts the lives of others and themselves at risk. 

As a way to spread messages on driver, passenger, pedestrian, and bicycle safety, the students will distribute more than 20,000 campaign items, host presentations and sign waving events, and encourage students to sign a pledge to eliminate dangerous behaviors.

“With the high number of traffic fatalities last year and so far this year, this annual campaign is an important and timely reminder to both students and parents on driving and riding safely,” said Jan Meeker of the DOE’s DTSEP. “Each year during the campaign, student advocates reach thousands of their family members and classmates with the safe driving message, and we are glad to provide an avenue for them to share these important messages again this year.”

“After the recent incidents on our roadways, we need to encourage drivers and passengers to be mindful of safe driving, especially with children who are riding with them in their vehicles or walking and biking along our streets,” said DTRIC President and CEO Michele Saito. “DTRIC is honored to be a partner again in this very important initiative. We can’t stress enough the message for all of us to Drive Aloha.”

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