Strong winds tear roof off Maunalani Heights home


HONOLULU (KHON2) — A home in Maunalani Heights was a work in progress but the construction took a major setback after strong winds tore the new roof away.

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The owner of the property, Jocelyn O’Neill said, the strong winds are known to move trash cans around or even damage windows but never before had she witness a roof fly away.

“This area is notorious for being wind,” ,” O’Neill said “It’s right on the cliff there with Palolo Valley. The winds shoot up the valley so it is much stronger on this side of the mountain. We’ve had windows shatter but we’ve never had a roof blow off. This is unusual.”

The Honolulu Fire Department responded to the incident. Firefighters used ropes to tie the remaining roof onto the house to prevent it from flying away and damaging neighboring properties.

O’Neill said no one is living in the house during renovations, and no one was hurt from the incident. She said contractors working on the house had just finished installing new shingles on the roof.

“We called our roofer because pieces of our brand new roof were flying off with the winds,” O’Neill said. “He happened to be filming when the actual roof lifted and blew off, thankfully no one was hurt, and the house is under construction. So also nobody was living in there thankfully.”

O’Neill was advised to wait until the winds slowed down to break down the roof and remove the debris from her property as the wind could make the clean-up dangerous.

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