Strong winds down trees and electric poles on West Oahu


On the west side of Oahu, the winds have been very powerful. 

On Makaha Beach, a tree was toppled and on the nearby road, sand washed over the roadways.

“The wind is blowing over the roads, which makes it really dangerous for all the cars that are driving by. They can lose traction and possibly spin out,” said Jason Patterson with Ocean Safety.

Ocean safety lifeguards have even had to take precautions against the strong winds.

“Along our beaches along the west side, some of the beaches, the winds blows directly straight toward the tower. So, we have our man sandbar in their cars next to the tower, just in case the tower was to fly or something could break and they could hurt themselves,” said Patterson.

But he says the winds have also helped keep sightseers away.

“Today because its so windy, people come out of their car, and they come onto the beach. They last maybe one minute and they’re back in their car due to the sand thats blowing,” said Patterson.

In Kapolei, three electric poles were downed by the wind, knocking out power across the city. A part of Fort Barette Road was closed as crews worked to clear the power lines. 

Multiple stop lights along Farrington Highway stopped working, and shopping centers and offices around the area lost power. One Walmart customer says she was affected more than once by the power outage. 

“We needed to pick up some supplies to take to church today, and then we find out it was closed and church got cancelled too. But we were already on our way here,” said Elizabeth Padilla, Kapolei resident.

She says her home in Makakilo also doesn’t have power, so she’s planning to visit other relatives to wait out the power outage.

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