Two stranger danger incidents were reported on Oahu on the same day involving different schools.

According to letters sent home to parents, the incidents occurred on Tuesday — one occurred on campus at Kapolei High School, the other involved a Campbell High School student off campus.

In the Campbell incident, a student told police that while he was walking to school, a man in a silver or gray car pulled up next to him, and told him his mom was in the hospital and he needed to get in the car.

It happened near the intersection of Kapolei Parkway and Kolowaka Drive.

The student ran off and his family reported it to police.

In the Kapolei incident, according to the letter sent home to parents, it happened near Kapolei High School’s gym just after 6 p.m.

A Kapolei Middle School student had been on the high school campus and said a man asked her for directions and wanted a tour of the campus.

When she said no, according to the letter, the man grabbed her arm. She pulled away and ran for help, and her family reported it to police.

The letters were also sent to parents of students at nearby schools as a precaution.

They remind parents to talk to their kids about stranger danger.

In both incidents, the students did the right thing by running off and telling a trusted adult.