Storm floods businesses, slows down traffic near town


Friday’s storm didn’t just flood roads near downtown Honolulu, but it also impacted businesses.

Moku Kitchen in Kakaako was flooded just as they were about to open for the day. 

“Around 11 a.m., we did get a huge flood of water coming through the front door so we put some sand bags out,” said Sophie Matons, service department manager at Moku Kitchen. 

One employee said the doors were closed at the time. 

“We started noticing the water coming through the doors, that’s when everyone grabbed sand bags and throwing them against the doors to get the water out,” said employee Jorell Pontes-Borje. 

A neighbor nearby noticed the restaurant was struggling and called the fire department for help. 

Matons said HFD provided tips to the business to help prevent flooding, in case more rain came later in the day.  

A few miles away, Home Depot Iwilei had water shooting off of the roof.  

There were accidents on the highways, and the storm left thousands without power for portions of the day.

East Honolulu felt the brunt of the storm with lighting and thunder around 1:15 p.m. 

Many drivers pulled into the scenic lookout near Koko Head waiting for the thunderstorm to pass. 

The rain slowly let off around 2 p.m. in the area. 

Wailupe stream in Aina Haina was rushing, some yards nearby were flooded. 

Heavy rainfall is still possible for Honolulu, it’s advised to stay off the roads, but if you must drive do so cautiously.  

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