State to release logs of visitors to Randall Saito at Koolau Clubhouse


The state will have to turn over logs showing who may have visited the state hospital escapee Randall Saito at an outside facility.

The Koolau Clubhouse is a few blocks away from the state hospital, and is a place where patients can go for additional services.

Saito’s attorney says that’s where his client was given the fake IDs that helped him escape to the mainland.
The state says they have a witness that confirms that.

But who slipped Saito the IDs? 
That’s what we still haven’t found out. 

“The story is, everyone knows someone helped the guy,” said Michael Green, Saito’s attorney. “I mean come on. Somebody did it. There may be more than one person.”

Since Saito’s escape, the state hospital patients have not been allowed to go to the Koolau Clubhouse. It’ll remain closed until the state finishes its investigation.

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