Repair issues at Honolulu International Airport are drawing concerns from travelers.

A viewer told KHON2 about a few of them via Report It.

A door near Gate 26 was closed off for two weeks after tiles from the walkway in front popped out. The state Department of Transportation told us they should be replaced by Friday.

Meanwhile, the pathway used by the Wiki Wiki shuttle has also drawn complaints because of several potholes.

Part of the path has been repaved but the rest of it, from Gate 26 through Gate 33, remains a bumpy ride for shuttle riders.

“The entire airport property is bigger than Waikiki just geographically. You have an area that big especially with tens of thousands of people using it every day, I mean there’s bound to be some maintenance problems and issues,” said DOT spokesman Tim Sakahara.

DOT says there are plans to repave the rest of the pathway but it wouldn’t be anytime soon.