The state fears the little fire ant infestation in Waimanalo could get worse.

That’s because a group of people have been going in and out of the area that’s infested with the ants.

On Friday, the state attorney general’s office will file a temporary restraining order against the group, hoping a judge orders them off the property.

The state Department of Agriculture owns the five-acre property on Waikupanaha Street. It has some structures and equipment there.

Two days ago, a community member told agriculture officials that people have been going back and forth to the property, which they do not have permission to do.

The state’s also been told they’re clearing the land of trees and there’s a known little fire ant infestation on that piece of land.

State attorney general Doug Chin said this isn’t just about respecting the laws of the state, but there’s also a safety issue.

“The concern is that the fire ant infestation could get worse, because with all that activity going back and forth, it might actually spread the fire ants elsewhere,” Chin said.

KHON2 visited the site Thursday and spoke to some of the people there. They wouldn’t tell us exactly what they’re doing, but did say they’re avoiding the side of the property infested with little fire ants.

They also referred us to a spokesperson who we’re waiting to hear from.

If a judge rules in favor of the state, the group of people could be ordered to leave the property immediately.