State reviews options to keep Ka’ena Point State Park clean


Many people spent the Fourth of July weekend on the Waianae coast at Kaena Point State Park.

The problem is that some of them left a big mess behind, and state officials are furious.

“Disgusting, irresponsible, and unbelievable” — those are just some of the words Department of Land and Natural Resources officials used to describe the mess.

Workers and mostly volunteers spent the day cleaning up Kaena Point State Park, from Makua down to Yokohama.

Nails — enough to fill buckets — were picked up from areas where people burned pallets to make bonfires.

In addition to all the rubbish officials say some campers dug a hole in the sand and used it as a toilet. Officials call it a public health issue.

In the wake of the mess, the State Parks Division is considering temporarily closing the park to vehicles.

“Illegal camping is not anything that’s new here in our state parks system. What does seem to be new and unprecedented is the sheer numbers of people doing it and the behaviors that they’re bringing with them to their camping,” DLNR State Parks Division Assistant Administrator Alan Carpenter said.

There’s only one maintenance worker who takes care of the park from Makua to Yokohama. That’s also why officials are asking park visitors to clean up after themselves.

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