State representative asks for update to decades old community shelter plan


Tensions are firing up with North Korea, and the situation is especially concerning for Hawaii given how close we are to the country.

Experts say North Korea appears to be “primed and ready” for a nuclear test.

The Japanese prime minister has warned North Korea may have the capability to deliver missiles equipped with deadly nerve gas.

President Trump has been in close talks with the Chinese president to help solve the problem peacefully.

Meanwhile during a hearing at the state capital today, Representative Matt LoPresti said while nobody wants to spread fear, the possibility of a nuclear attack at the very least needs to be discussed.

LoPresti says local officials need to look at the state plans and what steps would need to be taken in the event of a worse case scenario.

“The point is to let people know we are preparing to at least provide some comfort. That we’re making efforts to protect people,” LoPresti said. “When you talk about sizable weapon North Korea might be able to launch, we would be looking at hundreds of thousands of survivors and it’s incumbent on the state, the federal government, and the [counties] to look at providing and equipping shelters with medical sanitary and food kits.”

Further illustrating the need to update the plans, LoPresti shared with us the last draft the state drew up on how to deal with a nuclear attack. Community shelter plans that were developed in 1985, and just to put that into context – Liberty House, which is long gone, is listed under shelters.

“When I look at these maps on the community shelter plan for Ewa Beach for example, which I represent, there are zero shelters. For Kapolei there is one identifiable building which I don’t even think exists anymore,” LoPresti said.Click here to download the last community shelter plan.

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