We’re learning more about what kind of training airport police officers, like the one who shot and killed a family dog Tuesday night, must go through.

Leisha Ramos told KHON2 that Kaiele, her 2-year-old pit bull mix, was tied to a tree near the interisland terminal.

She was carrying her 5-month-old daughter as her boyfriend loaded their car with luggage.

An armed Securitas officer told them they had to leave, and a verbal argument escalated between the two men.

Somehow Kaiele got loose, Ramos said, and that’s when the officer fired off a shot, killing the dog.

Since the shooting, many are asking if armed airport police officers are even properly trained.

Securitas would only say that “the officer is not on duty because of injuries sustained from the unfortunate incident.”

So we asked the Hawaii Department of Transportation, which hires Securitas.

Late Thursday, we received the state’s contract with Securitas, nearly 400 pages of documents. After digging through it all, here’s what we’ve found.

View the contract with Securitas in its entirety: Part 1 | Part 2 | Amendment 1 | Amendment 2

The contract says the state has “stringent qualification standards” for security personnel.

The officer who shot the dog is an airport police officer.

Those officers, according to the contract, must be able to exercise sound judgement, maturity, have a clean criminal record, and be free of any mental or emotional disorders.

They must go through firearms training twice a year. Once a year, they’re trained on use of force, including deadly force.

In addition, they’re also required to take an aloha-spirit training class, which basically teaches them the courtesies, customs, and hospitalities practiced by the visitor industry in Hawaii.

Even with this new information, we still don’t know the details of the training, like how many hours they must go through or what they’re taught.