A popular swimming spot off Diamond Head will be sticking around, at least for now.

On Friday, the Board of Land and Natural Resources denied a request to dismantle the breakwaters, or stone walls, outside the late Doris Duke’s Shangri La mansion.

The Doris Duke Foundation put up a fence around the area, known as Cromwell’s, because people were jumping into the shallow water and getting hurt.

But people are still jumping off the wall by getting around the fence, which is why the foundation wants to get rid of the wall altogether.

The board is concerned removing the wall could cause more hazardous conditions around the shoreline, so it asked the foundation to consider other options.

Some residents support the board’s decision.

“I realize what a beautiful structure it is. Once it is dismantled, it would be an irrevocable loss, and the attractive nuisance, if it’s not addressed, will still be there,” said Diamond Head resident Fred Fong.

The foundation released the following statement in response:

“Shangri La remains hopeful that the project to increase public safety at the shoreline will be approved by the Board of Land and Natural Resources.

“The museum conducted extensive studies and sought community input to address safety concerns at Cromwell’s. The project is environmentally sound and will allow for the continuation of recreational activities, including swimming, snorkeling and fishing while reducing hazards that have resulted in serious injuries such as paraplegia and quadriplegia. The museum will be reviewing options based on feedback given by the Board.

“Shangri La is firmly committed to promoting public safety at our shoreline.”