Hawaii Governor David Ige is asking the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to reconsider its initial denial of the state’s request for individual assistance Kauai and Oahu residents affected by April’s severe storms and flooding.

The governor signed the request for reconsideration based on additional data, including the identification of additional damages resulting from the disaster, additional insurance information that has found a significant number of uninsured losses, updated damage and trauma information and the documentation of additional economic/unemployment impact from the disaster.

“The individual component of our request for assistance is very, very important and we were extremely disappointed when our request was initially denied. We have been working with FEMA to appeal that decision, and we believe the request for reconsideration that I signed today is much stronger,” Gov. Ige said.

At least 760 homes were impacted in some way by the storm and floods on Kauai and Oahu, including 187 that were destroyed or sustained major damage.

Of the 187 homes destroyed or severely damaged, 109 were owner-occupied.