The Aloha Stadium Authority believes the time has come for something new. With the current facility now over 40 years old, the stadium authority is supporting new legislation that calls for tearing down Aloha Stadium and building a newer, smaller facility.

So here’s the rundown. The proposed multi-sport stadium complex seen in early renderings would be anywhere from 30,000 to 40,000 seats — down from its current 50,000. It would have more concessions, more efficient building systems, and better facility circulation.

Former Rainbow warrior assistant coach and player Rich Miano, says he isn’t sure smaller is better. “It kind of saddens me to think that were not thinking bigger in terms of capacity. It wasn’t long ago the University of Hawaii when I coached there and when I played there in the ’80s they were 50,000 people that continuously came to games. Think about the Pro Bowl, the potential to have world-class soccer games, and potentially rugby games in the future and even the University of Hawaii becoming a Pac 12 super conference team.”

The Stadium Authority says it’s going to become increasingly expensive to keep the current stadium safe. The stadium manager Scott Chan added, “The current stadium is safe to operate and we will continue to host events and welcome guests knowing that it may take a number of years until a new facility is constructed.”

The authority says a new stadium, along with the proposed rail and transit oriented development, will create opportunities for new types of events as well as ancillary development with the ability to generate significant new revenues for the State and local government and benefit the greater community as a new destination and gathering place adjacent to existing tourist attractions at Pearl Harbor.

“This has created an opportune time for the State to determine the prudent path to ensure the highest and best use of its resource,” said Stadium Authority chair Ross Yamasaki.