We’ve learned Honolulu police are having some of their vehicles inspected for a potentially deadly problem.

Ford Police Interceptor Utility vehicles are under investigation by the federal government after reports that their cabins can fill with exhaust fumes, poisoning those inside with carbon monoxide.

On Wednesday, a police officer in Massachusetts crashed his vehicle after the fumes caused him to pass out.

The Honolulu Police Department tells us it has 36 Ford SUVs in its fleet. So far, it hasn’t had any problems.

However, as a precaution, the vehicles will be inspected by a dealership.

According to Ford, drivers of regular, non-police Ford Explorers have no reason to be concerned.

The company said in a press release:

“While there have been reports of exhaust odors in some regular Explorers, those instances are unrelated to reports of carbon monoxide described by some police departments. If a vehicle has such an odor, customers should bring it to a Ford dealer to address that issue.”Click here for more information.