Some aren’t happy with plan to cut down trees at Manoa Marketplace


A plan to cut down several trees in Manoa Marketplace is not sitting well with some residents.

Manoa Alliance started a petition Monday to stop owner Alexander and Baldwin from cutting down seven trees and relocating two others.

A&B says it’s received complaints that the trees are creating a safety hazard in the parking lot.

But Manoa Alliance says it was told the trees are being removed to create more parking.

“They initially said that the reason they want to cut down the trees is to create more parking. They want to squeeze in 57 more parking stalls, but as you can see there’s really not a parking problem,” said Neil Bond with Manoa Alliance.

“We’ve had complaints about safety concerns in the parking lot because some of the trees, the roots have been very aggressive and have broken through the asphalt and created trip hazards. We’ve had complaints about leaks in the roofs and complaints about the quality of the air conditioning system,” said Darren Pai, A&B spokesman.

A&B says it will continue to meet with the Manoa community before making any decision on the trees.

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