Sister describes finding Maui murder victim’s clothes, personal items during search


The murder trial of Steven Capobianco resumed Friday with the victim’s youngest sister back on the stand.

Capobianco is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend, Carly “Charli” Scott. She was 27 years old and five months pregnant when she was reported missing in February 2014.

When we last saw her Wednesday, Phaedra Wais said she used a GPS locator to find Scott’s last known location, and looked there during the search for her missing sister.

On Friday, she described what she and friends found near Nua‘ailua Bay, where Scott’s murder may have taken place. She said they came upon a scene that suggested her sister was no longer alive.

Wais told the jury she cried as she discovered, one by one, Scott’s personal items in a remote area off Hana Highway. She described the area as “hard to walk through” with overgrown grass and plenty of trees.

She first noticed a “Twilight” movie DVD on the ground, and recognized it as Scott’s. Then her friends discovered Scott’s blue tank top, and a black skirt that Wais said was the last thing she saw Scott wearing.

Except the skirt had holes in it.

The three reached a river and found a green blanket, also belonging to Scott, caught in a tree and in the water. Wais said the blanket was covered in maggots.

“There was a strong smell, like something had died,” Wais said.

“While you folks were finding these items that you just described, at any time if at all, did you try to ping your own phone?” the attorney asked.

“Yes, I did,” Wais replied. “As Max was going up the river, I had stepped into the river again and Molly told me to stop because I was crying, so I decided the most helpful thing I could do was go onto the ping and screenshot my own location.”

The three found more evidence: a grey hooded jacket, black pants that Wais did not recognize, and two empty rolls of tape discarded between rocks.

Wais said they gathered the evidence to present to police.

The trial resumes Monday. The victim’s mother, Kimberlyn, is expected to testify next.

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