Sinkhole that opened in Kailua last fall may not be completely fixed until Spring 2020


Last October, a sinkhole opened up on Kanapuu Drive in Kailua. The city originally said the repair could be done between one to four months. But nearly nine months later, it still isn’t fixed.

The city confirmed that an old drainage pipe crumbled, causing the road to cave in. What originally looked like a straightforward fix has turned into a much bigger issue. And the ongoing construction is causing headaches for residents.

Jerome Feldman lives near the sinkhole on Kanapuu Drive. It’s the main road to his house. Thankfully its not the only way in.

For him the biggest issue is the noise from the construction because he works from home.

“(The noise level) is very low right now, but its there. Sometimes it shakes the house…I think of the poor people who are right there…I would say it’s unlivable if you’re right on top of that,” Feldman said.

And its been that way for almost nine months.

The road initially caved in on October 30th due to a 12 foot corroded drainage pipe. Weather and time likely played a role in the deterioration of the pipe.

But the construction isn’t just about fixing the road and pipe where it caved in. They need to replace the entire 12 foot drainage pipe, which runs under the earth between two houses, cuts under Kahako Street into a drainage canal.

Robert Kroning the city department of design and constructon director said they are currently 54% finished with the first phase of the project, which involves stabilizing the ground around the hole.

After that, Kroning said they will remove and replace the pipe and line the entire length of it with concrete to prevent future corrosion.

Kroning estimates the project will cost roughly $9 million and won’t be completed until Spring 2020.

News that is not music to Jerome’s ears

“Whatever it takes, but it does make it hard to live through this at home.”

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